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Mobile Friendly provides a 40 hour certification, which must be renewed every 2 years with a 8 hour CEU course. All providers on our list have completed the 40 hour training and are current with their continuing education.


The AJ Novick Group, Inc. provider list for Certified Parent Instructors is designed to provide consumers with local resources for parenting programs in their area that have been certified through our agency. We can not guarantee the quality of their services.

Currently there are no state laws that regulate parenting certification requirements, therefore we highly recommend that you review the qualifications of any program. None of these providers are authorized to train others in the use of the AJ Novick Group, Inc. Parenting model. Certification must be obtain through our agency.

U.S. Providers

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International Providers

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Continuing Education

All providers must renew their certification every 2 years from the date they were originally certified by / AJ Novick Group, Inc. This CE (continuing education) course is a 4 hour online class and can be taken from any location and with any Internet enabled device. To take the class, please click the "Register Now" button.

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