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Required CEU course every two years

To maintain a current and valid Parent Instructor Certification from you must renew your training every two years (from the date your certificate was issued). The renewal process is simple. Complete the CEU program from the link below. We recommend completing the CEU class ON or BEFORE your certification expires. You can still complete the CEU renewal process if your certificate has expired, but your certification will not be valid from the time it expired through the time you renewed. This may adversely affect your ability to provide parenting class. The cost of the two year CEU course is $95.00. This CEU course is 4 hours in total.

Advantages to keeping a current and valid Parent Instructor Certification include:

  • Inclusion in our national provider list
  • Ability to continue teaching parenting classes the "Parenting in the Twenty First Century" curriculum
  • Credibility in your field
  • New and current updates to our program
  • Updates to parenting laws and regulations nationally
  • A new and current "Certificate of Completion"
  • Continued discounts on parenting workbooks
  • Please click the "Register Now" button below to renew your Parent Instructor Certification

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