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Mobile Friendly takes customer feedback very seriously. At the end of each class, we offer an optional survey that students can fill out giving us some brief information about how felt about the program they just completed. We use customer input to help improve our classes and refine the user experience. No comment goes unread and we never disclose a customer s identity without their written permission. Below are just a few of the comments we've received regarding our online Parent Certification classes.

“Thank you Dr. Novick, just to let you know, I love your course and I am so passionate about it. I am so grateful that you are helping other instructors to make a big difference and helping parents enjoy their role of parenthood!!!!”
Best regards,
Anna G. – Lavel, Canada
“I looked into all the options online for becoming certified to teach parenting classes. After speaking with Dr. Novick and going through the training at, I was more than pleased with what I learned. This is a no nonsense approach, easy to use, and the workbook for students is well written and structured. I highly recommend this training!”
Linda S. – Los Angeles, CA
“I wanted to teach parenting classes for my local court and probation department but didn't really have any formal training. This 40 hour parent certification training was amazing. The online portion was simple to understand and the workbook and companion guide really opened my eyes to how to teach these classes and set up my own business. There is nothing else like this on the Internet that I would trust.”
Kathy S . – Dallas, TX
“In searching for some additional training and education in parenting, I came across the work done by Dr. Ari Novick. I found the training materials and curriculum an excellent resource. I also gained some valuable insight on how to set up a parenting program within my current practice. This structured approach is easy for clients to understand and it is simple to teach. 5 stars for this parent certification training program.”
Jason Stein, Psy.D. – Los Angeles, CA
“I am a certified substance abuse counselor and domestic violence counselor. I recently wanted to teach parenting classes and this certification training far exceeded my expectations. The workbook is amazing and my clients love it. The companion guide for parenting professionals was also easy to understand and really helped me take my business to a new level. When I called the AJ Novick Group, I even was able to speak to Dr. Novick live to answer my questions. Great company, great product.”
Calvin E. – New York, NY
“I wanted to teach my own parenting classes for years. The problem was that I didn't have a structured and consistent program to teach. The AJ Novick Group's ParentInstructor training gave me the exact tools I needed to provide a great service and develop a perfect side business. Thank you so much!”
Brent S. – Miami, FL